Thursday, September 2, 2010

Texas Fun!

Well we all know that There is nothing Frenchy about Texas!!

but it sure has a lot of great American History.  Took a trip earlier this month, didn't know what to expect (my first time)..But I've gotta tell you!! it was the most fun I've had in years! History...History..History everywhere...Flea Markets...Flea Markets everywhere...Tag Sales Tag Sales...(well you get the picture).  When visiting the historical towns these are the great spots that I found.

Well of course when in St. Antonio the River Walk is where to go! fabulous restaurants and shops just about everywhere you look. I must say I was looking for a sneak peek at a true blue Cowboy!!  Oh..I'm sorry I must stick to the story..hee..hee.

 Great Shops in Gruene Texas!

Perfect little town filled with lots of Vintage finds.

Great place to shop!! Take A Peek inside

The Best Jams I ever tasted.

Outside...  a perfect vintage feel.

Of course there is nothing better than an indoor flea market..perfectly cool!

How I wish I could have bought these home with me!

Halloween??? Little odd but perfect for the occasion..

I just couldn't resist this pink Flamingo!

Now off to Austin....lot's to see and do..

Amazing Scenery!

Great Place to find little pink Fairies or Angels?

The pottery was amazingly done.

Here's the funny part, I met a woman there and she offered me her grandmother's pottery..five boxes full..Okay, what do I do with five boxes of bowls and lids??


A little Honky Tonk??? What a Blast!!

these tired old feet just couldn't get the hang of it.

(yes a huge flip flop sale)

Since the two step was not up our alley..we enjoyed a lunch and watched everyone dance.

Perfect Lunch at a perfect spot..ahhh. Air Conditioning..

Back on the Saddle Again,

In Search of more Texas Adventure!!


A truly wonderful adventure!!! so much to see and do but not enough time! 

Our experience in Texas was truly amazing and plenty of Fun!!