Friday, March 11, 2011

This Week..I'm Feeling..........The Pink!!!

Found these pieces hidden away..forgotten treasures that I never bother to look at.  I knew there was still hope for these pieces.  Not so pretty, with appliques of peppers, onions and I sanded down all of the unsightly sights a quick prime I also added so pretty appliques...and....Wallah!!!  Total new fresh look, pretty shabby pink home decor..

Letter Holder/Napkin Holder, Jewelry Box and Napkin Holder...Not bad huh???

This Napkin holder had the ugliest plastic applique of red rid of them and added this lovely Barbola Roses Applique.

Here is a sneak peek of the before on this letter/napkin holder gives you and idea on how the both looked.

The Letter/Napkin holder was right up the same path as the napkin holder...plastic appliques with garlic, peppers and onion designs..

Saving my favorite for last..This Fabulous Jewelry Box..originally retro 1950's style..again, I added the applique and the result are Sweet in Pink!

Hope you enjoyed this brief presentation of how I was feeling this week...who knows what the heck I'll be feeling next week..Stop back!!

All these pretties are listed on my Etsy.
Have a wonderful weekend..

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Feeling Tea-Licious

What ever happened to good old fashion Tea Parties?? From childhood to adulthood, it seems that little girls just aren't as interested as before.. I remember as a child how I loved...loved.. having my small table set up with tea cup and crackers..LOL.. my doll babies and stuffed bears sitting on a chair as I chatted away..

I wish I had picture as child with my little tea parties..but maybe these cute pictures will bring you back some memories.

I found some of my favorite Tea Cups and China that I love to share with you..

Lovely Shabby Roses with Gold trim.

Pretty Purple Smiling Pansies...

Cream and Sugar???

Feeling Fancy...

English China Bavaria..

So..grab your friends sit back relax enjoy a cup of tea...

Young or...


or in between...grab your vintage China..and start feeling.....