Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Feeling Tea-Licious

What ever happened to good old fashion Tea Parties?? From childhood to adulthood, it seems that little girls just aren't as interested as before.. I remember as a child how I loved...loved.. having my small table set up with tea cup and crackers..LOL.. my doll babies and stuffed bears sitting on a chair as I chatted away..

I wish I had picture as child with my little tea parties..but maybe these cute pictures will bring you back some memories.

I found some of my favorite Tea Cups and China that I love to share with you..

Lovely Shabby Roses with Gold trim.

Pretty Purple Smiling Pansies...

Cream and Sugar???

Feeling Fancy...

English China Bavaria..

So..grab your friends sit back relax enjoy a cup of tea...

Young or...


or in between...grab your vintage China..and start feeling.....



  1. I love your blog!! Thanks so much for inviting me!! I'm following you now too!!
    Thanks so much!!
    Your Awesome!!

  2. This is Kris from la reportiste blog again. I am sorry I was looking at who last posted a comment and though it was your name. So sorry. Is your name Vendange?

  3. I love teaparties. Look at my blog for some Teacup Tuesday posts and links to other people who share their teacups on Tuesdays.