Friday, October 8, 2010

The best things in life are FREE!!!

It's great to have friends who think of a call from a good friend to tell me that her neighbor just got rid of a gorgeous Jacobean China Cabinet.."Come and get it in on the Curb" 11 pm already and snuggly for bed in my flannel Jammies, cold cream on my face...I shook my sleepy hubby and said..."get up" get up" a free cabinet awaits on the curb...

We hopped  in our Van and off we go...who could resist???

I can't wait to get started on this piece...hmmmm..shabby white????  Robin Egg Blue..Teal..Ivory..the possibilities are endless.

Here is our Freebie!!

I'm anxious to get started...Lot's of work to be done..but I'm sure it will turn out great..

Perfect addition to my dining room...

Hopefully I can reveal the transformation soon.


  1. OMG!!!! fabulous-ity is about to happen!

  2. FREE!!??!!???!!!!!! Lucky, lucky you. Shabby white would look wonderful!

  3. New follower...
    What great things await this cabinet, I'm sure! How about a GIANT jewelry and accessories armoire. I did one similar to a solid wood front armoir. Want to pad and line the drawers in white satin filled with lavender! I've done this with several dressers and people go nuts!
    Fun blog...come check mine out if you can.
    --Lee Ann