Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm Itching for Fleaing...

Normally at this time of year I just start Itching for Fleeing!!  I mean literally just get out.  The cold weather and sweaters get to the point that all I can dream of is light clothing...A perfect Spring Day..arise bright and early..put on my cap..and just go Fleaing!!

I had the Fleaing Blues this past weekend...so I headed out to an indoor Flea Market...hoping that it will make my day..hoping to find treasures and not be disappointing!!

Well, I certainly got my wish!! Looky..Looky...Looky...what I found.

Let me give you a brief tour..

Please take a good look at this..hmm...well..let see..old crate??? with a Vintage Magazine Ad glued on it and lightly stained.  I don't know much about it..but the wood seems really old and the nails also..anyone seen these before? don't know if it's a reproduction..but it sure is pretty!!  check out the back.

looks pretty old to me.

I absolutely love this one..Smaller version with a baby Vintage Soap Ad..same deal..same wood.

Old or Repro???

Now take a look at these ..can you guess what they are???? I just had to snoop and open them up..grabbed them right away..

Vintage 1970's Matches!!  U huh!! I loved the art work and just had to get them.

all the boxes have unused matches..

 I simply adore pretty Vintage Pictures.

I tried hanging it in my Frenchy Dining Room..but my daughter says.."It creeps her out" "the eyes are following me"  so I guess this will have to be listed.

I also love shadow boxes..now this one is not so old but the print is just adorable..

Couldn't resist.

Last and my next small project..which by the way is my favorite project.  A Vintage Tall Jewelry Chest..can't wait to get started..as soon as I figure out what colors, maybe some appliques??? who knows.

I also purchase a little girls vintage bedroom set..in which was being unloaded for the Flea Market as I parked my car, I watched and get this!  I Ask them how much??..haggled a little and next thing I know I had them unloaded from their car to mine!  Wow!! What a Great Turn Out!! 

I will post pictures of the bedroom set when I can..right now it's cramp up in our shed..another great project to look forward too.

How was your past weekend..Please tell me about your treasures!!  Have a wonderful week!



  1. These are all beautiful treasures. Looking forward to your bed room project ;)

  2. Incredible Blog! Thank You For Inviting Me! Just Lovely!