Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Where did the time Go?

Shame on me!! It's been far too long since I've stop by to say hi to all my friends in Blog Land..so busy..busy..with the Holidays...now that it's over...all the decorations and trimmings are safely tucked away..bye..bye..Mr. and Mrs. Snowman see you next year!

I was a little busy for the past..hmmm...let say five months!!

so here is what's happening! In September I decided to take a stain glass class..That was huge fun!!

Meet my fantastic wonderful teacher Judy:

Hi Judy!!!

This is her Fabulous Studio...all you need to learn how to Create a Stain Glass Masterpiece.

This is where I began my project..seemed a little bit complicated..but it truly wasn't.

All the pieces are cut and numbered...

I was truly happy with end results..

Thank you Judy so much for your time..it was an absolute blast!!! can't wait to get started on our next project!!

Stop by and visit Judy's website...you will absolutely love her fabulous art work.

Judy's Website

Next week I have lots to share with you...found some great treasures.

Wishing everyone a wonderful New Year!!


  1. Hello! This is my first time to your lovely blog. I came to see your tea cup, but can't find it.
    I think the cabinet in your post below is fabulous. You were so right to bring it home and redo it. It really is gorgeous.
    I love the background on your blog. Great pattern and fab colors.

  2. Oh wow. That is beautiful! Well done on your first stain glass project. It looks like so much fun and how awesome that you now have it in your home. All the best for another creative and joyful year ahead. Janine

  3. Wow that is beautiful, you've done a great job! I only used window sheets to cover the glasses, yours is much complicated!

  4. Hi: This is my first visit to your blog. Looking for a tea cup and found a beautiful glass window. That is amazing. You are very talented. Wow! Thank you for sharing. Blessings, Martha